The Money GPS simply offers an ALTERNATIVE to the mainstream view

The Money GPS takes dozens of financial news stories every day; cuts through all the B.S., and distills it down into an easily digestible vlog. The Money GPS shows what the big money is doing, and why. The majority of the content is a warning about the dangers that can occur from economic policies and how it can impact your life, and your bank account.

What does our reach look like?

260K+ YouTube Subscribers
1.5M Views Per Month

What people are saying...

Former ABC and CNN correspondent, Greg Hunter, referred to The Money GPS as "How to survive this historical financial calamity for dummies."

So, what does our community look like? Take a look below:

90%+ Male
70%+ Between 25-54 Years Old

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To be up front, we are very picky with the brands we will work with. David Quintieri's integrity is the most important factor when deciding to work with a brand or not. If you feel your brand can deliver and is of the upmost quality, let's talk (just click on the link below).

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