Washington Navy Yard shooter practiced with AR-15 at Virginia range two days before rampage

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Alexis heard voices

In the weeks before the attack on the Navy Yard, Alexis reported hearing voices and said that three people were sending vibrations through the ceiling to keep him from sleeping, police said Tuesday.

Police in Newport, R.I., said that Alexis called them to a Marriott hotel there on the morning of Aug. 7 and reported that he was being followed and was worried that the people were going to hurt him.

Alexis told police that the three talked to him through the walls, floor or ceiling at three hotels — two commercial hotels in Rhode Island and one on a naval base there. He told them that they used a microwave machine to send vibrations and keep him awake.

One day after the rampage, which left 12 people dead at the Navy Yard before officers gunned down Alexis, the FBI said that it was still looking for an explanation. An FBI official would not answer a reporter’s question about whether Alexis was simply mentally ill, with no deeper motive.


The Money GPS is the book by David Quintieri.
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