Rothschild’s Merger = New World Order

Rothschild banking family to unify holdings to consolidate power.

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The Reuters stated on April 5, 2012  that the family aims to boost regulatory capital at a time when the investment-banking industry is fighting to adapt to tougher regulation and economic slowdown in Europe. David de Rothschild, who will become chairman of the merged group, is quoted by the FT as saying the restructuring would “allow the group to become more competitive against rivals while ensuring the family’s control over the group in the long-term.”

(Reuters) – The Rothschild banking family have struck a 446 million-euro ($615 million) deal to unify the shareholdings of the English and French branches of the family, one of their holding companies said on Tuesday.

The Paris Orleans (PROR.PA) holding company said it would now own 100 percent of Concordia BV, the ultimate holding company of the Rothschild banking group.

Paris Orleans said it would buy a remaining 50 percent stake in Concordia BV for 446 million euros in shares and in cash.

“It enables us to simplify further the shareholding structure of the group and to unify the shareholding of the French and English branches of the family for a new generation,” David de Rothschild, who heads up the French part of the Rothschild family, said in a statement.

The Money GPS is the book by David Quintieri.
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