WalMart Threatens to Shut Down, Wages too High for Slaves

D.C. councilman: Wal-Mart should stay, accept wage increase

WASHINGTON – A day after Wal-Mart announced it would end projects to build three of its stores in the District if the D.C. Council passed a new law that would increase the minimum wage for large retailer’s hourly workers, one councilmember is calling Wal-Mart’s bluff.

D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans, D-Ward 2, spoke with WTOP Wednesday morning and said in previous meetings, representatives from Wal-Mart and the District were both enthusiastic about the retailer’s promise in the city.

“I believe this will get resolved, Wal-Mart will continue with its stores and people in the District will get higher wages,” said Evans, who pointed out that Wal-Mart sees added value in expanding to urban areas like D.C. Evans is running for D.C. mayor in 2014.

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